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    Valeriu Șchiau The Dream

    24th of April – 13th of May, Aiurart Contemporary Art Space

    Curator: Olivia Nițiș

    Organizers: Experimental Project, Aiurart

    Opening: miercuri, 24 aprilie, ora 19.00/ Wednesday, 24th of April, at 19.00h, @Aiurart (Lirei 21)

    facebook event:  Valeriu Șchiau | The Dream @Aiurart

    Valeriu Șchiau is not a confortable artist. Art is not often comfortable. And it shouldn’t even be so. Art should raise issues, challenge thought, disturb not only exalt.  Socio-political phenomena, alienation, death, fear and trauma are all part of human experience, and their programmatic evacuation from the context of artistic reception is an act of cultural immaturity. The extremely generous history of contemporary international visual art production proves the natural inclusion and development of critic filter among artists or of pure observers of dramatic events, from the most organic representation to the abstract emotional exploitation.

    Valeriu Șchiau does not have a beautiful dream. Trauma and self-referential exorcism are part of his constant artistic discourse. The failure of parenthood, the family break, the tenssion within most private human relations, but also the observation on family trauma as social phenomenon are  revived like a ritualic pattern in the work of this artist born in the Republic of Moldova, active for more than one decade in Bucharest, Romania. The Dream installation comes in addition to his previous exhibitions (Born in USSR, The Invisible Child, Lobotmy, Personal Issues) in which the image of the born or unborn child is recurrent connecting the personal story with the traumatic aspects that children are subjected to on one hand in the context of an oppressive political regime that allowed the creation of concentration camps, and on the other in a very current society that is living more and more accurately the negative consequences of globalization and slightly reacts in favor of fighting against violence. Violence has become some sort of a normative act not only among adults. The on-line game environment, the virtual world in which children and adolescents get refuge, but mostly the conflictual relationships within the family, emotional and physical abuse, parents divorce, school factors, excesive authority, linked with other emotional issues, are factors that can lead to various tragedies among which suicide has an important place.

    In a WHO (World Health care Organization) statistics on suicide rate in world countries, in Romania in 2009, 24 suicides took place in the group age 5-14 years old. In the United States of America suicide represents the 10th death cause at the same group age. The gun use in this country represents a major threat to children and after several cases of gun use among children in public schools the current government policy is prioritizing gun control programs. Russia ranks first in the number of suicides among children and adolescents in Europe, up to 37% of cases in recent years.

    Suicides are among the top ten causes of death among people worldwide. It is estimated that by 2020 it will be the second leading cause of death worldwide after cardiovascular disease and cancer.

    Valeriu Șchiau’s exhibition message is fully committed. The artist shares a personal story, “dreams” whose radical emotion cannot let anyone indifferent and also approaches a valid topic anywhere in the world at this time related to human irresponsibility for their children exposed to harsh social and political realities in which gun is anything but a toy.

    Olivia Niţiş, curator

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    Sponsor: Crama Oprisor

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    ything but a toy.

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