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  • The Sense of Meaning is an Orienting Reflex is the launch exhibition of the Ștefan Ungureanu catalogue, Ant Generated Future, coordinated by Ioana Marinescu and published by Pandora M Publishing (part of the Editorial Group Trei) in October 2017, at Cărturești Carusel.
    For Ștefan Ungureanu time is punctuated by the works he has been making. Consequently, the work of art becomes a unit of measurement, a monad that structures his inner life.
    In this regard, the catalogue proves itself to be a new kind of tool, a new kind of map, temporally oriented by a new type of charting, a punctuated equilibrium that helps both the artist and the viewer to navigate through Ungureanu’s time units.

    “The Ștefan Ungureanu Ant Generated Future catalog sums up the artist’s latest and most important personal shows , starting with Closed Systems in 2012, until Ant Generated Future in 2016. It’s a conceptual tool, conceived through the charting paradigm, assisting navigation and orientation in a world ‘dotted’ by scientific theories, a tool which, in Ungureanu’s hand, morphs into visual systems.

    The desire to sort and record is connected to the space-time continuum: the artist’s lifespan is measured through artistic output, as well as his capacity to visually synthesize the newly deforested areas within the sphere of knowledge. Science is the all-encompassing umbrella, but Ungureanu also copiously devours psychology, anthropology, sociology and an array of other topics.

    Work on this project has spanned over four years, during which ideas have multiplied and expanded, words have been written and re-written, the shape of things has transformed (one shudders to think about how the Art Director feels…) and Ungureanu’s life has taken many different turns. In a sense, he has matured. And he’s further assumed the mantle of the artist. After the first show, when things had left his workshop, he noted: ‘It was very weird how I was spending my day in my workplace, without actually working. That space felt pointless in the absence of work.’ Up until then, he’d thought his existence to be well compartmentalized and delineated, with his personal life and his working life being two separate chapters.
    There’s a particularly big change between the time of the interview included in the catalog – mainly recorded during 2015 – and ‘the present time’ – the 2017 show. Back then, artistic research was merely something I was intuitively calling his method. Our long talk triggered a sort of self-analysis and self-evaluation, which concluded with growing into and perfecting the self. Of course, this analytical key only serves to decrypt part of the energy Ungureanu brings into his work. He’s had times where he’s used performance, or he’s re-evaluated his narrative strategy. Times during which he’s attended archaeology camps, which are, currently, coalescing into personally-artistic charts and explorations of caves.

    The show now becomes Ungureanu’s previously deforested landscape, where the catalog serves as a compass, and paneling is a familiar system, easy to X-ray even for a layman. The selected works synthesize the Closed Systems – Ant Generated Future time period, but also hold a promise to a sneak peek at the artist’s future projects.”  Ioana Marinescu

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