Róbert Köteles⎪Solo Show

  • Róbert Köteles⎹  Solo Show

    Curator: Silviu Pădurariu

    ARCUB ⎪84-90 Lipscani Street

    9 November 2017 – 14 January 2018

    Opening: Thursday, the 9th of November, starting at 6 P.M.


    A representative of what is usually referred to as non-figurative painting, Róbert Köteles is famous for his complex abstracting formulas and for the particular style in which he challenges the recipients to discard the stereotypes of visual culture and to experiment the world through their own explorations and experiences.

    “The signs I paint are like signs to be experienced, rather than understood. […] Painting is a tool used to view thoughts, ideas. If I were to describe a work in words, you would not understand, or you would imagine something completely different from what you would if you saw it. The work is my opinion. Art, in itself, is a tool. You resort to technique, to things that you were taught up to a certain point, but then the moment of your digestion comes and, at that point, something entirely your own must emerge. It is not about being good or bad, it is about having a purpose. Trying, composing, formulating, seeing, discovering. It is some sort of addition to that which is there, but not in a sense of a superposition or surplus, instead it is about leaving behind something experienced and carefully thought out by you alone. And I would like it if this art, image, or finished product could be connected/ were connectable, but in order to open up the mind”, Róbert Köteles.

    “Originally from Salonta, Róbert Köteles studied painting at the Faculty of Visual Arts from Timișoara, where he had Constantin Flondor as his professor, and Sorin Neamțu, Andrei Rosetti, as well as other members of the Noima Group as colleagues. In 1988, from as early as his last college year, Róbert Köteles lays the conceptual foundations of his own creative formula. Detached from any direct influences, the visual artist has an evolution that is different from that of his congeners. He collaborates with the members of the Noima group, takes part in creation residencies in France, Hungary, the Netherlands, Italy, Romania, and Austria. He gets constant promotion and exhibits in solo or group shows in Timișoara, Budapest, Vienna, Prague, Great Britain, and Germany.

    The identity of the artist Róbert Köteles was shaped, over the past 20 years, by elements such as thematic recurrence, serial visuality, the tendency towards abstraction, image as a journey through time, and image production as an experience in the world. Róbert Köteles does not only add, layer after layer, but he removes, he eliminates the description of the figure, keeping the game in the field of the painting’s surface. The classical techniques become the actual subjects of research and manufacture of his image – the paste is the shadow, the incision is a drawing, the geometry is the figure. Róbert Köteles is witness to his own individualizations, achieved by a permanent interrogation of the old laws and instruments of painting.”, Silviu Pădurariu.

    Against this background, the solo show of the painter Róbert Köteles represents a form of confirmation of an artistic journey, as well as a form of collaboration between the Capital’s institutional network and the network from the Western part of the country.

    Róbert Köteles Solo Show is the fourth show of the ARCUB 2017 Exhibition Program. After, last year, ARCUB quickly became one of the most important exhibition areas for contemporary art in the Capital, this year it continued to bring to the attention of the public, under Alex Radu’s guidance, valuable works of art, established and emerging artists, as well as the theme conference series “What shall we frame?”.

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