Manhood | Days Remaining – Open air sculptures at Aiurart | Vlad Berte

  • Foto 3 Vlad Berte la aiurartManhood/ Days Remaining – Open air sculptures at Aiurart
    Artist: Vlad Berte  / Curator: Ioana Ciocan


    The transformation of a boy into a man was done by an initiatic process: the national service. This last stage of the transformation, a mental and emotional stage, is rendered by Vlad Berte (born 1985, Cluj-Napoca) through the defining objects of Romanian manhood. Army service completed, the individual would return to his community a “man”, a term which attested to his status as head of the family. Over the last decade, the icons that defined the idea of “I shall return a man” have disappeared. Berte investigates the relics of a lost age.

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