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    Daniel Bălănescu | Crossing. We are the System

    Curator: Dan Pleșa

    20th of May – 21st of June 2014 | Aiurart Contemporary Art Space | 21 Lirei, Bucharest


    ‘I am the system. You are the system. No matter how far or where we migrate to, we are the system.’ Daniel Bălănescu


    You cross borders. You cross mintal attitudes. You can’t remain in one place. Sometimes you cross so you’ll live better, looking for a better job, a place where you’ll feel better, maybe sometimes you’ll even cross to go where loves calls you. Other times you are pushed from behind, chased away by wars, dictatorships or natural disasters. Even when you think you’re staying in one place, when you extract yourself from the present and isolate yourself in your own private world, refusing to leave your city, your house or your space for years in a row, you are still a fish scale that moves along with the fish it clings to. And that constantly moving fish is time.

    “Crossing. We are the System” is a project centered around the disquieting themes that tackle the relationship between the individual and the society, between the freedom of choice and the power. It is, under no circumstances, a political exhibition, as one might be tempted to believe when considering these themes. It is actually a study on the individual and on the freedom the individual has access to in a world in which distances and borders no longer seem insurmountable and in which the individual is lost in a crowd, and the crowd is often an aggregation. Are we so many that we are losing our individuality? Is it possible that we can only break through if there are enough of us to form a critical mass, a revolting crowd? Or are we so many that revolt is impossible? Is it so that, looked from close-by, I am an individual and from the plane an insignificant dot? These are some of the questions that this exhibition implies. The Running Man is the key element, a character that crosses the artist’s work over the years, like an extra on a movie set, persistent and insistent like a beggar. A little more inconsequent, easily negligible in the beginning and then, in time, managing to assert his personality, compelling the artist to give him the leading role. Crossed by this multitude of questions and postures, Daniel Bălănescu allows himself to be possessed by a vitality of expression in which painting becomes increasingly dynamic, with a counterpoint in the textile drawing, completed by the diversified employment of unusual materials as is the case of the cement series or of innovative media as in the subway cards series.

    Dan Pleșa, curator

    Daniel Bălănescu graduated from the University of Fine Arts in Bucharest in 1998. He has been living in Oxford (UK) for the past several years. He is preoccupied by the relationship arising between patterns and crowds, by transitions and social entropy. He used a variety of techniques on surfaces which vary from canvas to paper or used tube tickets to articulate the tension of a lone reflective being forced along by the movement of the swarm.


    Daniel Bălănescu


    1967 born in November 19th, Romania

    1992 – 1998 Bucharest Art University

    Most of my works are inspired by the turmoil of our times. Being born and having spent my childhood in Romania’s mining area, it was difficult to run out of inspiration. But when Romania opened its doors and windows to the world, I saw there was a lot out there, too. And it was not exactly what I had imagined.

    After all, my works are a lot about human nature and what comes out of it in unusual circumstances.

    Selected projects, personal & group exhibitions:

    2014 Emotion Tickets – Fluxjob – MCBA Minnesota Center for Book Arts – Minneapolis [US]

    2013 Renaissance – installation – Le Parc de St Symphorien des Monts [FR]

    2012 Emotion Tickets – Hysterical Monument – NAG/White Night Bucharest, [RO]

    2012 Keep the message, pass the frame on to a child – with Asdesign95, UIA International Union of Architects, Tokyo [JP]

    2012 Keep the message, pass the frame on to a child, Aiurart Contemparary Arts Centre, Bucharest [RO]

    2011 Noah’s Ark Project – installation with Maxim Corciova, HALMA The European Network of Literary Centres, different places from Germany to Port Cetate [RO]

    2011 Noah’s Ark Project – installation with Maxim Corciova, The Long Night of Museums Jean-Marc Laik Gallery – Koblenz [DE]

    2011 Textile prints, Europe in Europe exhibition, Budapest [HU]

    2011 Attraversare – Mixed techniques on canvas – St. Florian [AT]

    2010 Blaue Stunde – Galerie 11 – Köln [DE]

    2009 Between Evil and Good – Human Rights Exhibition, Complesso Monumentale Belvedere di San Leucio, Caserta, [IT]

    2009 Luna Asleep – International Art Action Project, Worldwide-Artists For Peace – Galeria Dolmabahce, Istanbul [TR]

    2009 Mixed Techniques on Canvas – The Zone Zero, 1st International Environmental Art Symposium – Gallikos river [GR]

    2009 Body and Soul – installation – Living Gallery Lecce [IT]

    2008 Angels and no Angels – Esto No Es Una Galeria – Bogota [CO]

    2007 Attitudes – Textile Prints, Carturesti, Bucharest [RO]

    2007 Mixed Techniques on Canvas, Symposium modern-art, Mallnitz [AT]

    2006 – 2007 Installation with Gabrijela Turturea – Art Paper – Balkanart-Cacak [RS]

    2005 Make Friends, Not War – painting on wood – Art gallery Ripustus, Hameenlinna [FI]

    2002 Drawings on subway tickets, Henkel – Vienna [AT]

    2001 Project with subway tickets – 25 Years of subway Brussels [B]

    2000 Miniature Textiles – Group exhibition, Apollo Gallery, Bucharest [RO]

    2000 Group exhibition – International Visual Arts Fair TIAV 2000 – Bucharest [RO]

    1997 Sacred Man – textile prints, personal exhibition, Romanian Cultural Center, Budapest [HU], Romanian Academy, Rome [IT], Romanian Cultural Center, Venice [IT]

    1997 mixed technique and experimental art – group exhibition – Romanian Cultural Center, Paris [FR]

    1996 graphics and painting – personal exhibition – European Commission Delegation – Bucharest [RO]

    Scenic painter and special effects on costumes for movie productions

    2003 – 2006 Art and Costume Department of different productions: ‘The Last Drop’, ‘Cerberus’, ‘The Cave’, ‘The Black Arrow’, ‘Gunpowder, Treason & Plot’, ‘Modigliani’ [RO]

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