Cosmin Haiaș⎹ Tools for a better future

  • Cosmin Haiaș

    Tools for a better future

    curator: Olivia Nitis

    April 21st – May 28th 2016

    Opening: Thursday, April 21st, 7pm-10pm.

    Aiurart Contemporary Art Space | 21 Lirei, Bucharest

    Gallery Weekend 23rd -24th of April, 12am.-9pm.

    Facebook events: Opening, Gallery Weekend at Aiurart


    Cosmin Haias is a reactive observer immediately focused on recent sociopolitical issues. Consequently, the exhibition reflects a series of micro-stories that create a fractured discourse along with assuming diversity similar to the entertainment game practice of the news journal. The artist’s project is a sort of news feed alert, selectively filtered through ironic thinking with the purpose of continuous and direct replies to the factions of reality.

    “Tools for a better future” proposes a permanent reading of social and political life through critical lens. The post-socialist discourse breaks through where the artist feels the need to engage ironically by permanent cuts from the uninterrupted fluency of socio-political life keeping a post-modern direction, a neo-pop faithful to the contemporary aesthetics of social networks, giffs, gadgets and meme sites. His works often incorporate plinths designed as a nomadic sculptural body. The technological object relies on visual dynamics and the fast rhythm of the infinite posts on virtual walls. Propagandistic speech always promises a better future… … at the expense of the present time.

    Olivia Nitis, curator

    Cosmin Haias (b. 1968, Oradea) lives and works in Timisoara, Romania. He graduated M.A. in European Cultural Policies, Faculty of Fine Art and Design Timisoara, and Painting, Faculty of Fine Art and Design, Timisoara.

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